Mouth Mirrors & Handles
  Dressing Forceps
  Scalar Period ontology
  Probe, Explorers
  Root Canal Instruments
  Excavators, Canal Chisels
  Gingivectomy Knives
  Scalpel Handles
  Artery Forceps
  Needle Holders
  Extracting Forceps
  Root Elevators
  Bone Rongers
  Bone Curettes Files
  Mallets, Hammers
  Chisels Gouges, Osteotome
  Hook lets, Retractors
  Mouth Gags
  Amalgam Instruments
  Wax Modeling Carvers
   Impression Trays
   Crown Work
   Needle Case
   Forceps Jar
We are manufacturers & exporters of complete range of surgical, dental, manicure & pedicure instruments including barber scissors, razor edge scissors, thinning scissors, nail & cuticle scissors, house hold scissors, tailor scissors, embroidery scissors, cuticle nippers, nail nippers, tweezers, pushers & cleaners, corn cutters & nail files and other skin care instruments.
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