Scalpels & Blade Breakers
  Dissecting & Dressing ForC.
  Bulldog Clamp, Haemostatic
  Cotton & Swap Forceps
  Retractors & Abdominal
  Probes & Applicators etc.
  Diagnostics etc.
  Vaccination, Puncture.
  Anesthesia etc.
  Needle Holder & Switch
  Bone Surgery Instruments
  Cardiovascular Surgery
  Nauru Surgery Instruments
  Intestines, Stomach, Rectum
  Liver, Gall & Kidney
  Bladder & Urology
  Gynecology Instruments
  Obstetricia Instruments
  Otology instruments
  Rhinology Instruments
  Mouth gags & Spatulas etc.
  Plaster instruments
  Bed Pan. Urinals
  Douche Can. Measuring Jug
We are manufacturers & exporters of complete range of surgical, dental, manicure & pedicure instruments including barber scissors, razor edge scissors, thinning scissors, nail & cuticle scissors, house hold scissors, tailor scissors, embroidery scissors, cuticle nippers, nail nippers, tweezers, pushers & cleaners, corn cutters & nail files and other skin care instruments.
:::::Otology Instruments.:::::
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